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  1. I love AiV! Thanks for having such a terrific company and high quality product! I recently placed my first order of AQM after reading many brilliant reviews, and it definitely surpassed my high expectations! Such a lovely mellow flavor, just like sipping my favorite cup of tea! I was pleasantly surprised with the personalization and fun just opening the box! With all the goodies included, I found myself looking until I reached the bottom for fear I’d miss something. :) I also received a sample of Mystic Mandalime I just loved, but I don’t see on your site. Any plans to release this flavor or other options for ordering more?

    1. Thank you so much for the love Q <3 <3 I’m so happy you enjoy A Quiet Morning, I do too :) Mystic Mandalime has vanished to a very mysterious place. . . Just above a little red door, lies the portal to a very special special drawer. . . Curiouser & curiouser. . . :)

  2. Thankyou thankyou for directing me to where Forgotten Memories was hiding! Have just placed my order, plus a few tempting treats I haven’t yet tried. Can’t wait for my lovely package to arrive! xox

    1. Thank you Nate for the lovely review of A Quiet Morning! <3 I am so delighted that you love it! Much love from Vapeland!

  3. So, I’m just about done with all my samples that I bought from oddity and regular and I’m excited to jump back into the rabbit hole again because I’m so very impressed by the quality, flavors and more importantly the customer service. When I was first making an order, it was the first time I’d ever used my credit card online so I was a bit worried but you quickly soothed my fears that day! Thank you again for being so quick to respond. <3

    I'm in love with the box art and fun little things I find inside as well. Always a surprise because I never know what I'm going to find when I open my vapemail!

    I'm thinking by the next two weeks after my paycheck I'm going to make a big order that way I can fall in love with all the flavors all over again. Until then, I would like to say that I wish all of you very happy days from here on out and thank you for all you do! <3

  4. Hey guys. This is Bradley from Pearl Harbor. Thanks for the stuff and the kind words. Really means a lot to me. Y’all are the best.

  5. Just recently received my first order. First off the packaging and customer service I received were both above and beyond my expectations. I purchased a small bottle of ZA and April Moon to try out and both of the flavors are excellent. The only negative I could find was that I requested 70vg/30pg and the liquid clearly wasn’t, it definitely was closer to a 50/50. All in all will be ordering again for sure but might have to order a higher VG to compensate.

    1. Hi Ryan <3 Welcome to Vapeland, thank you for the very kind words <3 All custom bottles are carefully made to order, do you mind taking a peek at the bottom of your bottle? You should see a sticker reflecting the custom ratio. If you are hoping for a thicker viscosity, a little steeping will certainly help! Much love from the Mushroom Lab <3

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