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  1. I’m finally leaving some thoughts here, rather than litter the site with comments on individual flavors (although, that probably won’t stop entirely because-whoa). If you’re someone new thinking of trying this product, DO IT. The juices are amazing, delivery is reliably quick, every package is a delightful surprise and the people couldn’t be lovelier .

    I was very devoted to one flavor through the fall and winter and now that spring is here, I find my tastes are a little different so have been switching it up. Everything Alice does is a miracle.

    Try the delectable sampler or a little bit of everything (omg, that one really is fun), I wish they’d had the oddity sampler when I first found them-by all means try that, go for a big bottle if it sounds like a match for your tastes, however you decide to go about ordering from Alice-DO IT.

  2. I received my order of the oddities sampler along with a sample white rabbit and Further and only have one question. A few smell like they have coconut in them? Can someone please let me know which ones have this ingredient/flavoring because I’m allergic :-(

    1. Hello Mandy! We emailed you some information about this. Please let us know if you don’t see it <3

  3. Made my first order! Very friendly on the phone, I’m eagerly awaiting the juices :)
    Would love to see an Egyptian inspired e-juice, maybe using cinnamon, cumin and sweet dates?

    1. Thank you Jonathan! <3 I hope you love your Vapemail! What a delicious flavor idea, I shall pass it along to the Mad Hatter :) Happy vaping!

  4. My first order was amazing. I bought April Moon as well as A Quiet Morning and I absolutely love them! Thank you for the amazing Juices, I will be ordering again soon! ^^

  5. Had an idea for a flavor I have yet to hear of, Grapefruit my favorite fruit actually :) I would call it ruby red queen personally :)

    1. What a wonderful idea Stana :) I will certainly pass it along to the Mad Hatter! And, a very delightful name, thank you <3

  6. Thanks for the coupon. I had no idea posting your gorgeous art on instagram would go anywhere. Ordered a 30ml April moon. by far my favorite *so far*. I still have many more to try. Thanks for an amazing juice that vapes so smooth

    1. Thank you for sharing your #aliceboxart with the world & for being such a vapetastic Vapelandian <3

  7. I love the flavor of Cherry Blossom but I find it to have a very harsh throat hit. I realized going down in nic might help but can you tell me what the pg/vg ratio is or if possible to change? Huge fan and AIV stalker (blush)

    1. Awe :) We are so lucky to have a lovely stalker like yourself, ha <3 We do not disclose our ratios, but you are welcome to request a custom ratio for any bottle larger than a sample size :) <3

  8. I received my sampler box yesterday… The packaging was awesome and I love the card and note included!! I haven’t tried all yet I wanted to let them steep a bit but OMG I Opened a few bottles to smell and there is not that artificial or chemically smell as a lot juices from other vendors are…I opened lemon loves cake first and wow it smells so yummy. Just like lemon cake. And yes it also tastes so good… Not as lemony as I expected, more of a pound cake buttery vape with slight lemon hints… Not strong or overpowering lemon… Though I wouldn’t mind a bit more lemon flavor. Must say a very smooth vape.. Love it and definitely ordering a bigger bottle when portal reopens! Zombie apocalypse and CRUNKBERRY are also good vapes… Both similar in taste to me…the zombie just being a stronger strawberry and CRUNKBERRY the lighter strawberry otherwise very similar… At least to me… Maybe after they sit a bit they will change? Or it’s just my palate… Everyone’s different. I will order a big bottle of one of them not sure which one yet… Both very good though… Best quality and taste from any vendor I’ve tried and man I ve tried many! I still have three more to try! The falls one, waffle and ’twas brilling (free sample added) awesome thanks! I love AIV and have a new fav vendor!

    1. Thank you Jennifer!! You are so awesome to stop by and share your experience!! Thank you so much for your kindness! I am so happy you have found so many favorites <3 A little steeping will change a juice, it’s true! Happy Vaping dearest <3

  9. I would really love for AIV to take a stab at a cotton candy flavor because I love you guys and think you could nail it oh bubblegum too. I love your juices plz never stop making afternoon tea and April moon I luv luv luv them

    1. Awe :) Thank you Stana, that’s very sweet of you to say! We always love flavor ideas and I will certainly pass yours along to the Mad Hatter! Big hugs!

  10. I fell in love with April Moon when I tried it, and no shops carry them here.
    I just got my Moon and my sampler in today. And Alice included some oddities for me! Which was completely awesome! Thank you! :-) I’m 3 samples in, and I already want to order more.
    AiV is my favorite, hands down. Worth the wait, and they make it with love!

  11. I can only say good things about the flavors i’ve had from your line and i love it.April moon is great in my darkhorse,Zombie apocalypse is delicouse in my el diablo and afternoon tea is to good in my plumevale and it all goes on my fuhattan and i can’t be any happier.I can’t wait to see more from your line and i can’t wait to try out the rest of your line.

    With love.

    1. Hi Aimee! You can request a custom ratio for any bottle larger than a sample size :) All you need to do is request it in your Order Notes at checkout :)

    1. Ahoy Hoy! I am ever so sorry, we are no longer offering off-list juices <3 This is in order to make room for new & exciting delectables emerging out of Vapeland! I hope you find some new favorites :)

  12. Where did Black and White cookie go?! Can I order a different juice and comment Black and white cookie in additional information to get some? I really want to order some today. Thank you! <3 <3

      1. I am ever so sorry, Cupcake City has flown away from the Mushroom Lab. . . This is in order to make room for new & exciting delectables :) I hope you discover some new favorites!!

  13. I noticed that for about a day that Golden Afternoon was in the regular e juices, and so was a sampler of the oddities pack, but now they have disappeared? Golden Afternoon is nowhere to be found, and I wasn’t sure if it was a website issue or if you decided to completely cut it out of sales? I was really looking forward to trying it.

    1. Hi Brianna! Golden Afternoon is in the Oddity Room, this is true! If you take a peek inside you will see the bright ray of sunshine from our Golden Afternoon :)

    2. If you look under the More tab at the top their is an oddities room, with additional juices outside of the normal selection.

  14. What is the VG/PG Mix of your juices? I love the Twas Brillig before, but I wasn’t using the mod I’m using now, now I’m using a Kanger Subtank.

    1. Ahoy hoy! I am ever so sorry, we do not disclose our ratios. But! You are welcome to request a custom ratio for any bottle larger than a sample size :)

  15. I just received my first AIV sampler (after purchasing A Quiet Morning from a 3rd party vendor while the AIV site was under construction some months ago), and I want to place an order every week…regardless of whether I need juice or not! The presentation is gorgeous; I felt like a kid on Christmas when I opened the box (or like I imagine some women feel upon opening a new jewelry box). I expected to wait days longer for my shipment, so I was beyond delighted to receive my package in less than 3 days (in MI). I’ve only been vaping for a little over year and I’ve only tried juices from 2 dozen or so vendors/crafters; but AIV juices far exceed anything else I’ve tried in quality and flavor. Juice flavors are so unique, there isn’t another juice line I’ve sampled that could be considered as a competition. My only regret is not having enough clean tanks on hand to try every juice in the sampler at once (so some juice from other vendors has since been poured out)!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep making juices and I’ll keep buying them!!

    Oh, and my free sample was a juice I was considering adding to my sampler anyway. So thank you to whomever packaged my order for reading my mind and my palate!!

    1. Awesome Adrienne!! Thank you <3 So happy to have you here at the Tea Table with us! Much love from the Mushroom Lab :)

  16. Almost a full year into vaping, and I may try other juice companies sample packs, but I only order BIG bottles from Alice! I have yet to find a single place (I wander to the Spinfuel Awards and JuiceDB.com for suggestions) that comes close to the quality, service and cost of Alice in Vapeland! Y’all ROCK!

    1. Awww <3 Thank you Amy, you dear heart! We are so delighted to have a wonderful person like yourself here in Vapeland with us :)

  17. There used to be reviews on the separate ejuice flavors, but now I am suddenly not seeing them. Have they been removed or are they coming back? I found them helpful so I hope they are coming back.

  18. I love the cute bunny w/ the glasses at the top of your homepage. I would love to have that banner w/ the bunny made into a sticker. I have a couple stickers from juice and hardware that I really like but I am missing one from you guys. I think the banner on this page should be made into one. I hope you guys will consider it some time. Something is just so cute about that bunny!

    I love your juice. A day does not go by that I do not have some! It is truly the best that I have come across. Thanks for making such awesome, one of a kind juice. :)

  19. I liked the voting thing you did with the banana flavors. You should do it again. I could go for peanut butter…how about PB&J versus Fluffernutter?!

  20. this is my first order of the sampler……love them all!!!! Love the box ,card and presentation of the juices! Would like to know where to find ALL the juices on the website…..i see in the comments juices i dont see on the site….I love alice in vapeland………..this is definitely my vape place!!!!!


    1. Yes, this is the one I purchased and am simply in love with it. It is fantastic can’t wait to get more juices from Alice in Vapeland. Looking forward to the 15 footfalls or whatever it is called. Wished I had taken some of it that day but they didn’t have my strength in stock. I got mine from a vapor store in Wytheville, Va. Blue Ridge Smoke and Vapor. They are on main street used to be the smoker friendly shop or tobacco outlet. This guy carries a variety of good brands to try out. I was impressed with the quality and service of the whole vapor store.

      1. Kathy! That is so awesome that you are able to find Alice nearby! They are wonderful people :) Much love from the Mushroom Lab. . .

  22. Y’all should add all the flavors on the website! I love reading about them and seeing the reviews on what everyone else likes. I recently had white rabbit and it was love at first taste! Can’t wait to try them all!

  23. I LOVE AIV. I was searching and searching for an all day vape and was seeming pretty hopeless.. I bought numerous bottles of e-juice that were very expensive but also lacked what I was looking for. I’m so glad I found AIV. I cannot get enough of April Moon (Current ADV). Also sent with that was a 3ml bottle of Cherry Blossom which I fell in love with as well. Will definitely buy bigger bottles of these two. Until then will buy a sample pack to see which flavors I will buy next. The ADV search is over for me. Thank you so much for making incredible juice for a great price!

  24. I Just recieved my first shippment of Juice from AIV, I must say It took a while to get to me , but I couldnt be more impressed. This is hands down the best stuff I have tried to date. From the personalized packaging , to the flavor qualities. I am so extatic that my best friend turned me on to you folks! My only regret is not ordering more in my first shippment. You definately have my loyalty here in CT!!!!!

  25. What are the best tanks or atomizers to use with cherry blossom tea and zombie apocalypse? I keep having issues with a kind of burnt taste after just a few inhales and I even had fresh wicks in. They are still good but I’m just wondering what’s the best to use with these flavors.

    1. Hi Megan :) In general, we recommend starting at lower voltage (power) than you might be used to. Bottom feeding tanks such as a Kanger T3s work very well for us :) As well as rebuildable atomizers. Generally if you taste burning, then your tank is not feeding juice as fast as you are vaping it. Hope this helps!

  26. i am so in love with zombie apocalypse and cherry blossom tea, they are my all time favorites and i can vape these all day long . they are absolutely amazing. this would be my #1 juice vendor of all time. but i am wondering if there is any mixing of the flavor idea that i sent to hannah , strawberry rose water. i am dying to have this type of flavor , i love floral vapes and i love strawberry vapes. hints to why i chose zombie apocalypse and cherry blossom tea. im just so excited to order again and maybe hear from you guys about my flavor idea. overall i give this website a 10/10 and these juices a 10/10 as well. i am just in love with these juices and this website as well as the packaging . :)

  27. What is This?

    Everything looks so small
    Everything looks so big,
    Bottles of juice everywhere
    I can’t believe what I see.

    From sitting down on a quiet morning,
    To a zombie apocalypse,
    I find myself completely lost
    I find myself asking
    What is this world of clouds and flavor?
    That I have never been before!
    This is so wonderful and amazing
    I don’t want to leave anymore.

    I see blueberries, lime and mandarins,
    Marshmallows, cookies and strawberries,
    I see pumpkins, cakes and cherries.
    Mangoes, mint and some blackberries.

    Now I know… this is Wonderland.
    This is the world of Alice!
    -No!!!! (said the White Rabbit).
    -This is Alice in Vapeland!!!!

  28. There are SO many juices out there and I’ve sampled quite a few – from the locally made to the super-expensive limited release types. Some were forgettable, some were tasty, but none has ever hit that sweet spot…until I came to Vapeland. The flavors are subtle, balanced, complex and oh-so-delicious. Afternoon Tea is my perfect all-day vape. The Vapemails are a delight and this is one case where the contents definitely live up to the stunning presentation. Vapelandia has a new resident!

    1. I know, right? Vaping and disposable income will lead one down a twisted trail, some good, some vile – but I can ALWAYS count on Alice for wonderful eliquids!

  29. OK Vapelandians… LOVE my 3 go to flavors;15 Foot Falls, Pear Ship and Lavender (also have a secret stash of Mind Toulouse and Pumpkin Tumble for special occasions…) Have tried others and NOTHING ELSE compares … With that in mind, I have been in search of the ever so perfect Chai Tea flavor (Cha Cha Chai?)…. Something with the perfect creaminess and spice to vape while relaxing after a long day at work… I just can’t find it… I am certain that there is someone in your laboratory that can out do all the others and lead us on an amazing Chai journey…. Pretty please…. ???? Warmest Regards – One Faithful Follower…..

    1. I AGREE!!! AiV would be the perfect company to make a chai. +1000 to this request. Also the hubby requests a coffee flavor lol.

  30. I would love for Alice to get a Key Lime Pie flavor!! Please!! I love Key Lime Pie Juice and I would think Vapeland would make an awesome one! I want to stay loyal to Alice and just Alice but I love Key Lime!!

  31. Amazing!! The packaging is a really nice touch and definitely worth it and the liquids are absolutely incredible!! Found my new company!!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking!! Where is Cupcake City! I got so many people hooked on Alice Juices with that one alone. I’m so sad now. At least I can still get my White Rabbit and Zombie fixes.

  32. I just started vaping and quit smoking. I knew more or less what I was in for vis-a-vis packaging when I ordered from Alice, but I was simply not prepared for the quality of the product and the level of care you so obviously take with your wares. I have to admit I kind of wish you folks were still here in the DC area so I could bring you a plate of cookies or something, but as it is, I sincerely hope you’re making a pile of money doing this and are, more to the point, deliriously happy with what you’re doing because WOW are you ever doing it well. ;)

  33. I really can’t imagine my life without Alice in Vapeland. It’s funny because I’m obsessed with all things Alice and so when someone told me about AiV, I of course had to check it out. That was in September and I spent most of October chasing the portal. Anywho.
    I post weekly to my group’s page, letting other folks know that the portal has opened. I just absolutely adore you guys. And Hannah, doll, every time I’ve ever needed something- you have been right there to answer my q’s. You are an absolute gem. My fellow unicorn. :-) Love you guys millions. So so so blessed to have you guys. Hugs!

  34. I got my sampler in the mail today and while I had read about how Alice has special packaging I was touched and amazed when I opened it up. First off the box is beautifully detailed on the inside top flap. It is hand stamped and further detailed with a blend of blues, purple, aqua, and a touch of pink resembling a watercolor wash. Then inside atop of the colorful packing paper was a personalized note with Alice inviting me to enjoy my juices. Now there are a few more special details but I do not want to ruin the surprise for others. You are just going to have to place your own order to find out! But I was simply tickled with my vapemail. Now to start the sampling! :)

  35. It’s been a while since I ordered from you. I wanted to order the Cupcake City but I don’t see it anymore. Did you stop selling this one? If so, can I special order it? It’s one of my favorites! Thanks bunches! :)

    1. Hi dear Connie! Yes, Cupcake City is no longer part of our main menu but you may indeed special order it! Just choose any flavor in the size and strength you want and ask in the special instructions at checkout that we make it into a Cupcake City for you instead!

  36. I just need to say how amazed I am with this company. Everything is done with such pride and care and I love the personal touch that comes with the package. (I’ve just received my first one today). I’ve tried your juices before and they are exquisite. I can’t imagine ordering anywhere else, especially now that I’ve seen how much thought you put into each box. Thank you so much and keep working your magic! :)

  37. Finally, my first order!!! Always closed :( So very excited to receive my delicious juices!!! I’ve heard they’re amazing! Can’t wait! Thank You so much

  38. Oh my I must say I have been vaping for about a year now and have tried many juice stores but none compare. Your juice is the best. I love your packaging and am collecting the cards. I watch for the mail daily after an order. I just had to give you guys a big shout out. You are by far the best out there. I could go on and on but I won’t. Last but not least , how bout a smooth transition coffee with vanilla maybe a latte? Awwe that
    would be sweet!

  39. I have tons of ideas for new juices. I am at an age where sweets are what I live for. Nothing else, and I mean nothing else is as good as a big bowl of good vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup on top.
    So, a new juice that would be great is, Dark Molasses Ginger Snap. Another would be Toasted marshmallow smores. I think the best would be Rice Crispy Treats. I am in South Louisiana and we love to party and a Hurricane drink that we make is like Hawaiin Punch, with a punch.
    A dark Ginger snap is what I would love to taste the most.
    Cant wait to get my Zombie Apocalypse in as I have been out and had to wait until tonight to order, so I hope they ship quickly.
    Cheers Everyone and Vapeland, keep up the good work.

    1. I’m in northern Louisiana and agree with the hurricane! Maybe call it “floating tears” (alice floating in a bottle in a sea of her own tears) and have that nice punch!

      Also, expect a good week plus for your juices. They put every ounce of love possible into making each order. And don’t be afraid to ask for something custom!

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